Bailide Technology

Bailide Technology was established in 2019. Mainly focusing on the research and development of electronic cigarette technology as the core product, since its inception, it has always focused on the construction and operation of healthy brands in the process of research and development,
production and sales. It has become one of the most active electronic cigarette companies in the world. Up to now, Bold Vape Malaysia has established branches in many countries in Asia, and its products are exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and other countries, becoming more than 100 companies in the world. The leading brand that millions of consumers love


Company Ultimate Goal

“So that every smoker can use bold vape and live a healthier life!”

Enterprise Journey

The establishment of Bold Vape Malaysia started from the dream of a small company. In 2019, Bailide Technology started a journey of internationalization with big dreams. At that time, the domestic e-cigarette market was at the cusp of the wave, and it was mostly controlled by large e-cigarette R&D companies such as Maxwell, Zhuo Er Yue, and Iveps. Bold Vape Malaysia relied on ceramic coil technology to apply to e-cigarette equipment, as the earliest use of automatic smoking activation. One of the electronic cigarette equipment companies, with Malaysia as its base, has steadily established itself in the domestic electronic cigarette market. In the process of publicity and marketing and social responsibility, Bailide Technology has gradually become the leader of the Malaysia electronic cigarette market.

After receiving more and more positive feedback from users, Bailide Technology gradually realized that developing the market is not only for the purpose of Enterprise development and economic interests are aimed at delivering a healthier lifestyle to more smokers. Therefore, Bailide Technology started the road of continuous research. In order to improve the competitiveness of Bailide Technology brands, it sent a research team of 100 people to go deep into my country’s electronic cigarette market, conduct research from multiple dimensions such as customers, brands, and products, and continue to develop according to the research results. At the same time, based on scientific research needs, Bailide Technology cooperates with many universities and related research institutions in my country to provide high-quality talents for our research department and improve the overall research department of our company. Research level, and then lay the foundation for Bailide Technology to open up the market.