bold atomizing rod

The BOLD ATOMIZING ROD uses labyrinth air channel effectively block condensate, ventilate and isolate liquid. What’s more, it will finely control the gas exchange and air pressure compensation module inside the atomizer. BOLD Atomizing Rod had exceeded high pressure temperature shock test and it’s liquid leakage prevention has been improved by 50% compared with other competitor brands.
To provide a stable and smooth experience, BOLD designed the air channel for gas transmission through fluid dynamics analysis.
-Aluminum alloy coated with satin smooth UV paint
-Built-in Polymer Battery
-480mAh Battery capacity
-30 Mins Type C fast charge
-Resistance 1-1.2ohm
-Constant voltage
-Ergonomic design
-LED lighting with smart charging indicator
-Switchable wattage 6.5-8w
-Vibration warning reminder
-Anti-condensation layer
-Compatible with RELX/SP2/VEEX/LANA, etc.
Specification :
1 x rechargeable device
1 x USB data cable and user manual

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