The All new Bold infinite pods are designed to use with Bold infinite kit. Made from high quality crystal clear acrylic resin materials able to preserve the purity and longevity of its content. The unique MY98 absorption technology helps to absorb all condensation and prevent leakage, it’s also enhanced the taste and flavour of the essence oil with a faster, more uniform fuller heating ceramic coil atomizer. Each pod Is pre-filled with 2ml of nicotine based e-liquid juice and there are 20 special brewed flavors available for you to choose from.
-Plug and play, easy to use. Suitable for beginners
-2ml pre-installed 3% nic base pods.
-Laboratory tested and certified e-liquid
-High-quality crystal acrylic case materials
-MY98 absorption technology
-Laser print ceramic coil
-600 puffs
-20 different superb flavors
-Improved suction nozzle airflow makes inhalation smoother
-Slim and light
-Comparable with Relx, sp2, veex kits, etc…

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